Online Review Management: 8 Benefits Of Having Reviews On Your Site

With everyone buying goods and services online, its paramount that you have reviews on your products or services. You can use an online review management service or do it by yourself. There are plenty of benefits that come with having online reviews. These benefits include:

You boost your ranking on the search engine results

Studies done by Moz show that reviews and ratings help businesses rank higher on search engines. The studies show that the reviews help websites rank higher in the Google local 3-pack and in the organic local search results.

The studies showed that the number of reviews wasn’t as important as where they were coming from. The more the reviews from real people, the better the ranking.

Reviews improve the click-through rate

You must be a witness here. When you are shopping for a product, the first thing you look for is the product’s rating. A study done by bright local showed that up to 65% of people click on a product or service simply because it has reviews.

As you might expect, the higher the star rating, the more the clicks. Negative ratings reduce the clicks; therefore, you should always strive to get as many positive reviews as possible.

They help you understand your customers better

In addition to leaving their star ratings, customers also leave comments of their experience with the product or business. From reading the comments, you can tell the pain points of the customers. This will help you to modify your product, service, or business so that you can give your customers the best that you can.

You create a community

Online review systems have been shown to create customer engagement. The engagement isn’t only with the customer-to-business, but also between customers. For example, a given customer can thank another customer for their comments.

The customers can even ask questions in the review section and get answers from other customers that have used the product or service in the past.

You stand out from your competitors

If you have many positive reviews, you will definitely stand out from your competitors. As you might guess, this will draw people to your business which sees more sales, which translates to the success of the business.

Since the reviews have been shown to be a strong SEO indicator, you will be ahead of your competitors in the search rankings. Obviously, this gives you a dominant edge in your business.

You easily create a brand

People like to associate with successful businesses, products, and services. The more the positive reviews and the people you draw to your products and services, the more the people will tell others about your business. This gives you an easy time building your brand.

You create a customer’s voice

When people take time out of their day to post a review of your company, they are more likely to become loyal customers. Since you are giving the customers the chance to talk about their experience about a product or service, you make them feel that they have a voice in the business, which creates a relationship with the business.

Reviews are a great marketing opportunity

Even a handful of glowing reviews are of great value to your business. They can provide great benefits that you can’t achieve in a marketing campaign. Since reviews don’t go away once they are posted, if they are positive they continue giving your business a great look.

Parting shot

For you to increase the number of people that leave reviews on your site, you should encourage the customers to do so every time they make a purchase. You can also make use of review management software.

Crane Rigging Services: 5 Tips To A Successful Rigging Project

When you rent the right crane and rigging equipment from the crane rigging services providers, you need to observe a number of tips for you to have a successful rigging project. Some of the tips to consider include:

Always wear the right protective gear

You need to wear protective gear all the time. Some of the equipment you should have include: safety boots, work gloves, hard hat, hearing protection, reflective vest, and any other attire you might need in your work.

From the name, the protective gear is meant to protect you against the hazards available at the work site. For you to get the most from them, ensure they are of high quality. They also should be in good condition.

Undertake thorough inspection

Before you begin the lifting, you need to inspect the crane and ensure that everything is functioning optimally. In addition to the crane, you also should inspect the slings. Check whether they have any defects. If they have, you should replace them. Also, confirm whether the rigging angle is correct.

If everything is in good order, you should go ahead and load your crane. When loading, ensure that the load is safe and balanced. If there are any loose items that you need to lift, put them in their proper receptacle or container. This is to prevent them from falling during the lifting process.

If the rigging rope has to go through load edges, ensure that there is adequate padding on the edges. This is to protect the sling from damage.

When it comes to the hooks and shackles, inspect them for wear. Also check for cracks, bending, and twisting. How big is the opening width of the hook? You need to pay attention to this. If it’s too big, you should consider replacing the hook.

Are you using wire ropes? You need to inspect them for any defects they might be having. The wires might be crushed severely, flattened severely, have a kink, bird cage, bulged severely, have a core protrusion, among many other things.

Observe good rigging practices

You can use the right crane and sling, but you will always be at risk if you don’t observe the right rigging practices. Some of the practices to consider include:

  • Ensure that there is no cutting action in the running line.
  • For you to centralize the position of the shackle, always insert sufficient washers
  • Ensure that the safety latch is in good condition
  • Ensure the shackle is hooked up correctly
  • Ensure that the shackles are equally spaced out
  • Protect the shackle from being pulled down at an angle
  • Secure the hooks facing out
  • Don’t wrap a rope around the hook
  • If you have unused slings, ensure that they are hooked up properly
  • Always use shackles to join the sling eyes
  • Use the right screw pin. As rule of thumb, never use a bolt as a screw pin as it will bend

The key to having a successful rigging is to hire experienced and certified rigging professionals.

Practice the right, hand signals

Hand signals come in handy when the crane operator is communicating with the riggers. In addition to hiring an experienced crane operator, you also need to ensure that you also hire an assistant operator who is certified and experienced enough. The assistant should be well versed with hand signals so that he/she doesn’t give the wrong ones that will lead to disaster.

Work with the right rigging company

There is no way you are going to have a successful rigging project if you don’t hire the right rigging company from the very start. Many people are often in a hurry hence end up hiring the machines from the first company that they come across. Don’t do this.

You should take your time and ensure that the crane rentals VA companies that you are looking to work with have the right machines for the work that you want to do. As rule of thumb, ensure that the companies have properly maintained, high-quality machines.

You also should ensure that the company has many cranes. This is to make it easy for you to get a replacement in the event the crane you are using stops working.

Turn Your Windows And Screens Into A Power Source

Another first of its kind, a transparent window or screen can turn into a solar concentrator efficient to be a source of power. It is also envisioned to design it for high rise buildings, mobile devices or any gadgets that have glassy surfaces. Of course, your quartz kitchen countertops are an exemption because they are already a great source of positivity in your kitchen area.

The Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrator

A group of researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) had discovered and developed what they called the “Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrator” (Griffiths, 2014). These transparent panels could turn any piece of glass into a photovoltaic solar cell which produces energy by capturing photons or sun rays and transforms them into electrons or what is commonly known as electricity.

According to the assistant professor of chemical engineering and materials science at the university, Richard Lunt, “The solar harvesting material uses specially developed organic molecules to absorb certain invisible wavelengths of sunlight”. It is science working in the process here and since the material used does not absorb or emanate light visually, it is translucent enough to the eyes and could be highly beneficial for future inventions for mobile screens and window sheets.

As scientifically explained, if a specific component or object is transparent in nature, every bit of light that passes through will go straight into the human eyes, so what they did was to style it with some shade of color in order to make it less harmful to the eyes.

Windows and Screen: New Source of Power

This notable innovation holds great potential not only to future generated commercial products but as well as high-rise building that will be self-sufficient enough to contain solar panels, households and likewise other industrial establishments. This technology alone will save the world from high consumption of oil generated electricity and will rather make use of what is naturally present and created such as the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Professor Lunt added that the Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrator or TLSC comprises “organic salts that absorb specific non-visible wavelengths of ultraviolet and infrared light, which then glow as another wavelength of a non-visible spectrum”.

As researchers still continue to improve this technology, they seek to deploy this solar harvesting innovation in a wider scope and function. Instead of having them installed as rooftop displays, it could be like normal windows in the house or in a more stylish manner, a glass house surrounded by TLSC glass. It could also be highly economical for Smartphones or tablet where its display will be replaced with TLSC and will result in longer use more than just a notch higher with one time charging.

Presently, we would still be using the customary large solar panels which are extensive in size and less stylish in some sense. But expect that if there would be a massive production of this solar-powered glass sheet and even plastic materials that would still look deceiving like glass, although huge in production, it would present more convenience not only in installation but in cost too.

This light-catching glass window sheet is still in its early stage gathering 1 percent efficient, but researchers are pushing the rate to 5 percent to a max of 7 percent. Figures may be as small as it may seem but if you add them all up and gather them all together it will also result in a huge number.

Since the team had figured out that colored glass is not at all convenient and which also gives that feeling that as if you are in a bar, they are creating solar power surfaces that are so transparent no one would even notice that it’s there or is actually in place.

Because this new development is highly flexible, it can potentially be placed in areas where solar energy from the TLSC can be shared in a non-intrusive way. Which means that it is not only compatible with high-rise buildings with lots of windows but on mobile devices and even in residential windows and glass panes.

This promising discovery can greatly benefit buildings and households that need a huge amount of electricity every single day. With the TLSC, each piece of a screen and window is not only an essential and decorative part of a structure but a good source of power coming from the sun. Similar to what quartz countertop contractors Centreville are doing – they can turn every kitchen area and cooking top into a brand new source of light inside every home.

Furnace Service: Tips On How To Keep House Heating Costs Low

People want a warm house, but they don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, and you don’t have to. This is because there are plenty of tricks you can use to lower your heating bills. Here are some of these tricks as given by furnace service professionals:

Seal it up

It’s common for warm air to escape from the home’s windows and doors. As you might have guessed, this makes the furnace work for long and harder to keep the house warm. The leaks, cracks, and gaps around the outer walls, doors and windows allow the air to escape. For you to save on your heating you should seal the windows with materials that are specifically designed for the work.

You also should consider re-caulking the outside window frames. All you need to do is to remove the old caulk, clean the surface, and replace the new polyurethane caulking. For ideal results, you should do the re-caulking when the temperatures are warmer.

Do you live in extremely cold areas? Consider heating up the surface with a blow dryer or any similar product for you to achieve ideal results.

If your home has weather stripping and it’s old, the warm air might be escaping through it. Heating experts report that when you replace the weather stripping you save your heating bill by up to 30%.

You need to inspect the weather stripping and if it’s damaged or leaking, go ahead and remove it and install a new one. As rule of thumb, ensure that the new stripping is installed by a professional.

Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to easily control your heating appliance. Heating professionals report that when you properly make use of the thermostat, you can save up to 15% of your heating costs.

Using a programmable thermostat, you easily bring down the temperature when your house is hot enough. When you are out of the house, you can even control the temperature virtually. When leaving the office, you can switch the furnace on and set your desired temperature so that you can find a hothouse by the time you are getting home.

Add insulation to your house

Studies show that most old homes, especially those constructed before the 1980s lack proper insulation—especially in the attic.

Have you noticed that your heating bills are increasing by the day? You should ask a contractor to inspect the insulation in your house and if there is none, install it. A properly insulated house has been shown to save up to 50% of the home heating bill.

Most of the homes miss the insulation in the attic, but this shouldn’t be the only place you should insulate—also consider insulating the water heater and any other areas where heat can be lost. Again, ensure that the insulation is done by an expert.

Let the sun in

The sun is a natural source of warmth and it not only saves you money on your home heating, it also comes in handy when it comes to your family’s emotional health. During the sunny days, you should open the blinds to let the sun in.

When the sun goes down later in the day, remember to close the drapes so that you can keep the heat in. When you do this, you don’t use the furnace much hence you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Make use of the ceiling

Many people have the impression that the ceiling fans are only important when you are cooling the house, but this is not the case—you can also use them to heat up the house. During winter, run the fans clockwise to draw the room’s air up and force the warm air down.

Tune up the heating appliance

The final thing you need to do is to tune up your appliance. At the end of the year, hire a furnace repair service Long Island professional or any other expert to inspect your unit and fix any issues it might be having. As rule of thumb, ensure that the contractor you hire is certified and experienced enough.

Kitchen Decluttering Tips

Okay, so a few months back you had your kitchen renovated and had awesome marble countertops installed in your kitchen area and island. You are totally amazed by the results and you have been enjoying it ever since. You’ve been so inspired in cooking and creating dishes like a true Chef, until one day, you just find yourself searching for an item into a pile of stuff on your kitchen island and realized that clutter was never there when the kitchen was new. It’s definitely a sign that you need a serious decluttering moment with your kitchen.


Remember this, any flat and empty surfaces are like an open invitation to place something down and leave it for – God knows when you can remember. A single item and ultimately evolve into a clutter over time. Since the kitchen area is where your entire hood spends much of your time daily, the counter spaces seem to be an open parking lot of items of any sort. If you get to find your razor in the kitchen, by all means, dedicate and focus your attention in bringing back what your kitchen looks like.


There are actually three classifications of kitchen clutter and it’s best that you attend to them one class at a time.


Stuff That Doesn’t Belong In Your Kitchen

  • These are the items that are not for kitchen use like school books, hammer, nails, hair spray, and a lot more. Now, these items are a lot easier to work with since you can easily classify that do not belong to the kitchen area, but for some “you don’t remember” episodes, it’s just there. All have to do is to simply sort them all and place them back where they belong, respectively.


Paper Clutter

  • Paper is one of the items you will always see in any cluttered areas in the house or office. If you happen to have a lot of paper clutter and you wanted to sort them while clearing kitchen counters, better yet collect them all from the kitchen place them in a small box or folders then set them aside. You can deal with them right after you’re done with the kitchen pile. If you are ready to sort out your papers, carefully go through each of them and segregate which one should stay on file and which one goes straight into the shredding machine.


Stuff That Belongs In The Kitchen, But Maybe Not On Your Counters

  • This third type is the kind of clutter that is also the hardest to sort out. These are the things that belong to the kitchen, but should never be placed on the counter and rather should be kept in a cabinet or drawer.  Or sometimes is really a clutter that should be completely disposed.
  • One example that is part of this clutter classification are some appliances that you use, but for a few times only. Now, ask yourself again: How often do you use it? Where can you keep it after use? Will you be able to easily get it in case you will be needing it again?
  • There are some people who are so sentimental when it comes to the home items that they refused to dispose of them even when they are no longer needed. While some find old appliance or some kitchen decorative as an element that will make the kitchen space look warm and homey.
  • Some individuals prefer the minimalist concept where kitchen counters should be cleared and only a few items are placed on the counters and island.
  • Make it a habit to clear your kitchen counters until you are satisfied with the outcome. The need to go back and forth is part of the decluttering process because of the various items that had been overstaying in your kitchen for quite a while now. You can move them to a drawer or cabinet just see to it that you will be checking back on those items again to see if there’s any that shouldn’t be there. Also, remind the rest of the family to help in keeping the kitchen clear of any clutter so they should be responsible for their own stuff and never leave anything on the counter.

Kitchen decluttering should be a daily habit if you wanted to keep an organized and clean kitchen area. The granite countertop installers Reston wouldn’t be pleased to see the counter they have installed cluttered with all sorts of stuff from all over the house. Imagine how relaxing it would be to see your kitchen space immaculately clear with just the appropriate minimal décors. It’s a breeze to start preparing food again.

Furnace Service: Common Furnace Myths

Just like any other heating appliance, the furnace is surrounded by plenty of myths that can derail you, especially if you are a new homeowner. Here are some of the most common myths as given by furnace service professionals:

It’s a matter of brand

When the furnace stops working, some people have the notion that you only need to replace them with the same brand, but this isn’t the case. You should note that there are plenty of factors you need to pay attention to when you are buying a new appliance.

One of the core factors is the energy rating. This determines the efficiency of the furnace. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit is, thus the more energy it will save you over the long run. Units with high energy ratings also tend to last for a long time.

You also need to consider the size of the unit. The larger the house, the larger the furnace you should buy, and vice versa.

If this is the first time you are buying a furnace, you should ask a reputable professional to guide you through. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on a unit only to find it defective.

Cold spots are normal

It’s common to find some of the rooms colder than others. While this is common, it’s not normal. Cold spots indicate inconsistent heating due to a faulty heating system. There are plenty of things that can bring about this issue. One of the most common ones is dirty or damaged air filters.

You should open up your appliance and check the condition of the filters. If they are dirty you should clean them. In some cases, you might find them too dirty or damaged for cleaning. In such a case you should replace them.

If you find that the filters are in good condition, but you are still having the cold spots, you should hire a professional who will undertake furnace inspection and fix the problems that might be present.

You will save money by undertaking regular repairs

You will find some homeowners repairing their heating systems over and over when they stop working. While there is nothing wrong with this, fixing the unit too many times is absurd.

For example, if you have to hire a furnace repair professional every week, your unit might be costing you a lot of money to fix which doesn’t make sense.

If you find that you are repairing the unit too often, you should find out the age of the appliance. Is it more than 10 years? It’s time that you think about getting a new, modern, and efficient unit.

As mentioned above, you should pay close attention to the energy rating of the new appliance. Also, put great consideration to the size of your house.

You are better off with a large heating system

When you are buying a new furnace, you might have heard people saying that you are better off buying a large unit, but this isn’t the case. Many people have the notion that when they buy a large appliance, it will heat the house faster thus keep the house more comfortable.

While the unit will heat the house fast, it will most likely end up consuming a lot of energy, which translates to a large energy bill at the end of the month.

If you have to replace your furnace, you should take the right measurements of your house and ensure that the new appliance you are buying is the one recommended by experts.

The furnace is a matter of installing and forgetting it

You only need to buy a furnace, install it, and forget it, right? Wrong. After you have bought the right appliance for your home, you need to maintain it properly for it run efficiently and last for a long time.

At least once a month, you should inspect the air filters and if dirty, clean them. If too dirty or damaged, you have to replace them. you also need to hire a furnace repair service Long Island professional at least once a year to inspect the unit and fix any issues it might be having.

Hairstyles After A Hair Transplant

A hair transplant and restoration are the best methods of bringing back your hair loss or thinning hair and together with that are reborn of your self-esteem and confidence.  An advanced method such as this can truly become a life-changing experience for a lot of people who have tried this procedure, and the natural outcome is going to be deeply rewarding.

Now, if you’re one of those lucky individuals who’ve experienced the hair transplant procedure, you might still be in the process of getting used to your new look and by now is still baffled on how exactly you can get your hair styled and what hairstyle will look good on you.


If you’re still confused as to how to style your hair after the hair transplant treatment, here are some ideas for you. Just remember to wait for at least 3 to 4 weeks before you can have your hair cut and styled.

Textured Curls

  • One of the easiest to maintain hairstyle is the textured curls. It can fit any face shape so you do not need to worry if you will look good on it or not. If you have grown your hair a bit longer, you can instantly create a messy look or even messier on top which will just make your transplanted hair look even more natural. With the use of the right hair products, you can wear that hairstyle for the whole day if you wish.

The Ceasar Style

  • If the treatment was done on the crown of your head, the Ceasar hairstyle is the one that will fit perfectly a rounder hairline. The name was taken from the similar hairstyle of the Roman Emperor and this style will allow you to cut and keep your hair short. This style is actually great for men who just had their hair transplant treatment. In fact, this hairstyle was voted number 2 in the 2017 top10 hairstyle for men.

The Comb Over

  • This hairstyle, however, happens to be the favorite of most men because it is easy to maintain and style. As compared to other combovers which purpose is to cover baldness, yours will grow naturally and much fuller and no one can tell that you have undergone a hair restoration treatment. This, too, does not require too much attention to style, in fact, you can already use this hairstyle after the procedure. All you need is a comb that will enable you to brush your hair to the other side, a hair dryer is not necessary.

Slick Back and Sides

  • Also one of the popular hairstyle for men today is the brushed up look since it is also easy to create and maintain. This time with a hairdryer, some recommended hair products, and a brush, you can already achieve your very own brushed updo. While you’re drying your hair, you can already gently comb your hair to style. This is also one of the best hairstyles for those who just recently had their hair restoration treatment.

While discovering different hairstyles and techniques how to style your new do, it is important that you learn the various styling methods after you had the hair transplant procedure. It will not only enable you to maintain your new hair to look healthy but to keep it looking fresh as well. To complete your total look, here are some styling tips and treatments that will help you achieve an amazing finish.



  • After your hair transplant procedure, washing and shampooing your hair right after the treatment is not allowed to avoid irritations on your new grafts. It is advised that you use a mild shampoo or baby shampoo which does not contain any harsh chemicals or additives that can irritate your scalp and grafts.

Hair Drying Solutions

  • During the first week after the treatment, you will be told to allow your hair to dry on its own -naturally, it’s because hair drying tools can damage the healing hair follicles. When the time is right and you can already go back to your regular styling habit, make sure that any heating contraptions will be used at the lowest possible setting.

Hair Products

  • Your common hair styling products like gel, hair spray, and mousse can still be used after you have fully recovered from the procedure – give it two weeks the least. In order to achieve more volume, it is best that you use a styling mousse; it will not only help you style your hair but will also give you a fuller finish.

The hair transplant doctors Towson can always check and advise you whether your hair is ready for styling and being treated like it used to. Apply the proper care to your newly revived do and you will get to enjoy its benefits for years to come.

Buyers Agent DC: Tips To Consider When Buying A House

Are you looking to buy a house? You need to pay attention to plenty of tips for you to buy the right one. Some of the tips that you need to consider as given by buyer’s agent DC include:

Understand what you can afford first

When many people decide to buy a house, they go online and see the houses in the neighborhoods that they are interested in. While there is nothing wrong with this, in most cases, you end up getting hurt. This is because you most likely won’t afford the house that you have your eyes on.

The first thing you should do is to visit your financial institution and check your credit. How much can you afford? How much can you comfortably pay as mortgage? When you have this information, you will have a clear idea of what you should be looking for.

If you are comfortable with what you can afford, you should go ahead and make the purchase but if you don’t like what you can afford, you should take your time and continue renting until you can afford to make the necessary payments.

Have an agent by your side

A real estate agent isn’t always necessary as you can find the house that you want, contact the owner and proceed with the purchasing process. While this is the case, there are plenty of benefits that come with hiring an agent.

One of the benefits is that you can have access to many houses that you didn’t know existed. Few homeowners sell houses by themselves; therefore, when you rely solely on these houses, you will be in for a rude shock.

If this is the first time you are buying a house, you might not be clear on what you should look out for. The real estate agent you hire will help you in identifying the features that you should go for depending on your needs.

When you hire the right agent, he/she will be your partner and he/she will even help you in negotiating the house prices. While you might have to pay the agent a fee, you might end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Now is always the best time

Just like any other market, the real estate market is highly unpredictable. Many people tend to postpone buying houses with the hope that the prices will go down, but this doesn’t always happen.

You should note that it’s hard to pinpoint the time that the prices will go down so that you can make the purchase. According to realtors, you are able to identify the valleys and peaks 8-9 months after they have happened. This means that if you wait, you might not get in at the right time.

Instead of waiting for the right time, you should go ahead and make the purchase if you are ready to buy. For you to be certain that you aren’t making a mistake or buying the wrong house, you should consult an experienced real estate professional.

The best time to buy is when you are ready financially and emotionally. If you are ready, get a reputable real estate agent and take the plunge. You don’t have to wait for the perfect time, as there isn’t.

Don’t buy as much as you qualify for

To get as much as possible from the lenders limit, many homebuyers buy a house that costs as much as they qualify. You should note that the lenders limit isn’t your budget. In most cases, your lender will require you to commit up to half of your gross income into your monthly payments.

Are you ready to be parting with half of your income to make house payments? It’s up to you to make this decision.

For you to enjoy living in your new house and life in general, you should avoid committing to making payments that stress you out. Before you make the decision, DC real estate agent recommends that you have a sitting with your spouse, family and any of your trusted advisors and determine the amount that you are comfortable with.

Don’t commit to an amount that will greatly destabilize your life.

Pick The Right Hair Color That Suits You

Applying a hair color is just one of the many life-changing elements a person can do in order to enhance their looks and express their feelings. The decision making whether you are to wear brown, red, blonde, or brunette could be the hardest choice you have ever made in your entire life, but the professional hair salons in your area can help decide for you.

The Decision-Making Factors

You don’t just pick a color to be applied to your hair, you have to understand first the nuances of tone which can affect how you choose a hair color. But once you get a grasp of the pointers in choosing the right hues for you it will no longer be difficult for you in the future. Basically, what you need to consider is the placement, saturation, and what compliments your skin tone. So the decision now which you and your stylist have to make is what color will showcase your face.

With the basic knowledge about what cool tones and warm tones are and understanding deeper what your skin color is, deciding the right hair color will no longer be an overwhelming scenario.

Choosing A Hair Color Based On Your Complexion

There are three categories a skin tone can fall under:
Warm, Cool, and Neutral.

Here are some tips to find out where your undertone belongs.

  • Look for specific shades.

To determine your undertone here’s what you can do:

Look at the veins inside your wrist.  Do you see them as blue or green? If them to be more bluish, you’re likely under the cool undertones. But if your veins look more greenish, you belong to the warm undertones.
Now, if you are neither blue or green, you could be neutral.

  • Cool-toned skin (pink, red or bluish undertones)
  • Warm-toned skin (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)
  • Match yourself with a celebrity.

If you are looking for an outstanding color-influence, scout for people or celebrities which as the same skin and eye color as yours. It will give you a better vision of specific hair color will look on you.

  • It can also be determined in your eyes.

The specks in your eyes can speak on your behalf.

If you have a lot of gold specks, you could be under a warm undertone. While if you have more blues and greens in your eyes, then you are probably under a cool undertone.

The Various Hair Colors


  • Palette: ash, sand, beige, platinum, ice, silver, champagne.
  • Best for: This shade is perfect on porcelain-skinned girls who has reddish undertones. If you have a gray or blue eyes, the cool, ashy blonde will look good too.

Warm Blond

  • Palette: butterscotch, amber, gold, honey, caramel
  • Best for: Those with fair-colored skin that has cool undertones will look glamorous with warm tones such as copper, honey, gold, and strawberry blonde. These colors can also blend well with olive skin, but if you wanted a lighter hue, caramel blond will make you look stunning.

Those with warm skin should fend off any shades that are too yellowish, you should stick with cooler blonds.

Cool Red

  • Palette: dark auburn, burgundy, true red
  • Best for: The red shade is actually perfect on people with pale skin, it makes them glow more. On the other hand, those with peachy and warm complexions can flaunt their skin better with cooler, auburn reds.

Just a reminder to olive-toned girls to avoid going red because it can cause your skin to look much greener in contrast.

Warm Red

  • Palette: russet, strawberry blonde, rust, copper, blond
  • Best for: neutral and fair skin tones will look amazing on strawberry blondes. A cooler, brown-tinged auburn can make any deep skin look green.

Cool Brown

  • Palette: mocha, chestnut, dark chocolate, dark auburn
  • Best for: generally, you will never go wrong with brown shades, however, cooler tones will look dashing on those with warm skin and it can also make yellow-toned looks creamier. Those with deeper skin, trying deep, mocha brown – with added highlights, can result in a more immaculately, soft effect.

Warm Brown

  • Palette: cinnamon, honey, caramel, amber, golden brown, mahogany
  • Best for: These colors will look great on those with medium skin, though you also have to choose a shade that is in contrast with your skin tone. The caramel brown will blend well with skin tones lighter than olive but has more yellow and green.

Warm Black

  • Palette: brown-black, dark mocha
  • Best for: Those with deep skin will fit great on cool blacks while adding a bit chocolaty tone can make it more flattering. While those with fair, cool skin who wanted a darker shade should pick a color in the tonal range.


With all the tips mentioned, you should be able to pick a better hair color now.  The hair salons specializing in color Rockville can help apply the shade that you wanted and will make sure that it looks great on your skin tone and will only bring out the best of your character.

Child Support Lawyers: Common Child Support Myths

When you part ways with your partner and you have children, you need to think about child support. While child support has been around for a long time, there are plenty of myths surrounding it. Here are some of the most common child support myths as given by child support lawyers:

Child support payments must be spent on the child

The sole purpose of child support is to provide for the overall care and wellbeing of the child. This means that the payments can be spent on anything that the child needs. This includes food, clothing, rent, and any other thing that the child might need to live a happy life.

When the court makes a ruling on the amount of money that each parent contributes towards child support, it doesn’t get involved in how the custodial parent spends the money. Also, the parent paying child support has little control over how the person receiving the support spends the money.

This means that the parent receiving the money can spend it in any way he/she wants. He/she only needs to ensure that he/she doesn’t neglect the needs of the children.

Child support payments are based on the needs of the children

This is completely untrue. As mentioned above, all the court wants to do is to ensure that the children are as comfortable as possible but this doesn’t mean that the children needs determine the amount of money that each parent should contribute.

The determining factor is usually the amount of money that each parent can contribute towards the betterment of the children. After all, there is no way that the court can make a ruling for a parent to make payments that they can’t afford, can they?

You don’t make child support payments when you are unemployed

For people to avoid paying child and spousal support, they quit their jobs. Their argument is that they can’t be forced by the court to make payments of money that they don’t have. You should note that regardless of whether you are unemployed or not, the children should go on with their lives as normal.

This means that as a parent, you have to contribute towards their lives. The courts are allowed to impute an amount of money that each parent should contribute depending on their experience and level of education.

If you are unemployed, it’s up to you to find a job or borrow money to continue making the payments. If there is no way you can continue making the stipulated amounts, you should apply to modify the child support order.

You don’t have to pay child support if you agree with your partner

In some cases, both the parents can be well off that no one needs the money of the other. While the court allows parents to work out a plan on how they will take care of their children, you should note that the golden aim of the court is to make the lives of the children as comfortable as possible.

This means that even if the both of you are comfortable and don’t need the money of each other, one parent will still be required to make minimum amounts to support the raring of the children.

You will stop paying child support at age 18

This was true years ago, but the rule is now convoluted. Even when your child turns 18, you may continue to pay child support. You will continue doing it if the child is still attending high school. For you to avoid confusion, you should consult your lawyer before you stop making the payments.

Child support is a fixed payment you make every month

You should note that child support comes in different forms. While many parents make once-a-month payments, others make several payments that cover a number of expenses such as health, insurance, tuition, daycare and plenty of other costs.

You should make the payments as stipulated on the child support order. If you aren’t comfortable with the order, you should work with your divorce lawyers Alexandria VA and get an order that will be great for you.