Kitchen Decluttering Tips

Okay, so a few months back you had your kitchen renovated and had awesome marble countertops installed in your kitchen area and island. You are totally amazed by the results and you have been enjoying it ever since. You’ve been so inspired in cooking and creating dishes like a true Chef, until one day, you just find yourself searching for an item into a pile of stuff on your kitchen island and realized that clutter was never there when the kitchen was new. It’s definitely a sign that you need a serious decluttering moment with your kitchen.


Remember this, any flat and empty surfaces are like an open invitation to place something down and leave it for – God knows when you can remember. A single item and ultimately evolve into a clutter over time. Since the kitchen area is where your entire hood spends much of your time daily, the counter spaces seem to be an open parking lot of items of any sort. If you get to find your razor in the kitchen, by all means, dedicate and focus your attention in bringing back what your kitchen looks like.


There are actually three classifications of kitchen clutter and it’s best that you attend to them one class at a time.


Stuff That Doesn’t Belong In Your Kitchen

  • These are the items that are not for kitchen use like school books, hammer, nails, hair spray, and a lot more. Now, these items are a lot easier to work with since you can easily classify that do not belong to the kitchen area, but for some “you don’t remember” episodes, it’s just there. All have to do is to simply sort them all and place them back where they belong, respectively.


Paper Clutter

  • Paper is one of the items you will always see in any cluttered areas in the house or office. If you happen to have a lot of paper clutter and you wanted to sort them while clearing kitchen counters, better yet collect them all from the kitchen place them in a small box or folders then set them aside. You can deal with them right after you’re done with the kitchen pile. If you are ready to sort out your papers, carefully go through each of them and segregate which one should stay on file and which one goes straight into the shredding machine.


Stuff That Belongs In The Kitchen, But Maybe Not On Your Counters

  • This third type is the kind of clutter that is also the hardest to sort out. These are the things that belong to the kitchen, but should never be placed on the counter and rather should be kept in a cabinet or drawer.  Or sometimes is really a clutter that should be completely disposed.
  • One example that is part of this clutter classification are some appliances that you use, but for a few times only. Now, ask yourself again: How often do you use it? Where can you keep it after use? Will you be able to easily get it in case you will be needing it again?
  • There are some people who are so sentimental when it comes to the home items that they refused to dispose of them even when they are no longer needed. While some find old appliance or some kitchen decorative as an element that will make the kitchen space look warm and homey.
  • Some individuals prefer the minimalist concept where kitchen counters should be cleared and only a few items are placed on the counters and island.
  • Make it a habit to clear your kitchen counters until you are satisfied with the outcome. The need to go back and forth is part of the decluttering process because of the various items that had been overstaying in your kitchen for quite a while now. You can move them to a drawer or cabinet just see to it that you will be checking back on those items again to see if there’s any that shouldn’t be there. Also, remind the rest of the family to help in keeping the kitchen clear of any clutter so they should be responsible for their own stuff and never leave anything on the counter.

Kitchen decluttering should be a daily habit if you wanted to keep an organized and clean kitchen area. The granite countertop installers Reston wouldn’t be pleased to see the counter they have installed cluttered with all sorts of stuff from all over the house. Imagine how relaxing it would be to see your kitchen space immaculately clear with just the appropriate minimal décors. It’s a breeze to start preparing food again.

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