Crane Rigging Services: 5 Tips To A Successful Rigging Project

When you rent the right crane and rigging equipment from the crane rigging services providers, you need to observe a number of tips for you to have a successful rigging project. Some of the tips to consider include:

Always wear the right protective gear

You need to wear protective gear all the time. Some of the equipment you should have include: safety boots, work gloves, hard hat, hearing protection, reflective vest, and any other attire you might need in your work.

From the name, the protective gear is meant to protect you against the hazards available at the work site. For you to get the most from them, ensure they are of high quality. They also should be in good condition.

Undertake thorough inspection

Before you begin the lifting, you need to inspect the crane and ensure that everything is functioning optimally. In addition to the crane, you also should inspect the slings. Check whether they have any defects. If they have, you should replace them. Also, confirm whether the rigging angle is correct.

If everything is in good order, you should go ahead and load your crane. When loading, ensure that the load is safe and balanced. If there are any loose items that you need to lift, put them in their proper receptacle or container. This is to prevent them from falling during the lifting process.

If the rigging rope has to go through load edges, ensure that there is adequate padding on the edges. This is to protect the sling from damage.

When it comes to the hooks and shackles, inspect them for wear. Also check for cracks, bending, and twisting. How big is the opening width of the hook? You need to pay attention to this. If it’s too big, you should consider replacing the hook.

Are you using wire ropes? You need to inspect them for any defects they might be having. The wires might be crushed severely, flattened severely, have a kink, bird cage, bulged severely, have a core protrusion, among many other things.

Observe good rigging practices

You can use the right crane and sling, but you will always be at risk if you don’t observe the right rigging practices. Some of the practices to consider include:

  • Ensure that there is no cutting action in the running line.
  • For you to centralize the position of the shackle, always insert sufficient washers
  • Ensure that the safety latch is in good condition
  • Ensure the shackle is hooked up correctly
  • Ensure that the shackles are equally spaced out
  • Protect the shackle from being pulled down at an angle
  • Secure the hooks facing out
  • Don’t wrap a rope around the hook
  • If you have unused slings, ensure that they are hooked up properly
  • Always use shackles to join the sling eyes
  • Use the right screw pin. As rule of thumb, never use a bolt as a screw pin as it will bend

The key to having a successful rigging is to hire experienced and certified rigging professionals.

Practice the right, hand signals

Hand signals come in handy when the crane operator is communicating with the riggers. In addition to hiring an experienced crane operator, you also need to ensure that you also hire an assistant operator who is certified and experienced enough. The assistant should be well versed with hand signals so that he/she doesn’t give the wrong ones that will lead to disaster.

Work with the right rigging company

There is no way you are going to have a successful rigging project if you don’t hire the right rigging company from the very start. Many people are often in a hurry hence end up hiring the machines from the first company that they come across. Don’t do this.

You should take your time and ensure that the crane rentals VA companies that you are looking to work with have the right machines for the work that you want to do. As rule of thumb, ensure that the companies have properly maintained, high-quality machines.

You also should ensure that the company has many cranes. This is to make it easy for you to get a replacement in the event the crane you are using stops working.

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