Tips To Prepare Your Hair This Holiday Season

Everybody’s looking forward to holiday because it means that no work and more time to spend with loved ones. And ladies, this also means that you have to visit the hair salons nearest you or where you will be spending your much-awaited vacation this holiday season. Why? Because it’s the time of the year where you get to spend it on parties, beach, and other activities that will require your hair to be prepped too. Of course, you are not just going out there wearing your Vera Wang evening gown and Prada shoes without having your hair done.

If styling yourself matters, and so as your hair. This means that you should always look after your locks the same way you look after your skin and figure. Your natural glow and chic look will reflect based on how you take care of yourself.


Taking care of your hair is a lifetime commitment and is something you stick to, especially if it’s what suits you and where you are comfortable at.


If you have plans of spending time outdoors like at the beach or pool, guard your hair against the effects of UV rays, chlorine, and salt water that can really damage your strands, especially if you stay long exposed to such chemicals and elements. Use treatments that can protect your hair against discoloration and dryness at an utmost level. This will keep your hair looking gorgeous and hydrated.


Just like your body, the hair needs to detox too. Too much exposure to the sun, sea and pool elements can damage your hair. Restore and detox your hair using products that are capable of protecting your skin and your crowning glory at the same time. Look for treatment or cleanser that has Organic Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E on the label, it nourishes your hair while bringing back the moisture to your skin.


There are products which are designed to repair hair damage and at the same time restores its moisture after too much exposure to UV rays. Look for products that have Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to achieve your hair’s natural glow.


It’s fun to collect hair brushes that have fancy colors and shapes, however, you should choose the one that is gentle with your locks, especially during tangled moments. Pick a brush that can detangle your hair – wet or dry. It should slide flawlessly through your dos and gently untangle and remove knots while avoiding pulling your hair off.


Hair mask refreshes all the lost moisture in your locks. Use products that are specially formulated to strengthen and shield your hair from the sun. Look for products that contain intensive care formulas that will maintain the health and strength of your hair.


During festive occasions you will be encountering left and right gatherings and reunions and may it be a family, friends, or office get together party it will require your hair to make a statement. In order to achieve an “on point” look this holiday season, you have to undergo various treatments, straightening, blow drying, shampooing and dry shampooing when you need to be on the go. All these will cause an effect to your locks, but there are ways to prevent that nightmare more happening.


Changing the style and look of your hair is definitely a game changer, however, it can severely damage your blossoming glory. Use hair creams, hair sprays and gels as a protectant layer before the styling proper starts. Doing this will save you from having hair breakage, split ends, and dryness.


Allow your hair to breathe again after all the styling exposure by treating it with deep conditioning products to revive back its strength and moisture.


Too much heat applied to the hair will really cause so much damage. So just limit the use of them if your hairstyle requires it, otherwise, let your hair rest from the styling heat.


After all the festivities are over, give your hair all the time it needs to relax. Let it flow without styling and give it a good haircut if you end up damaging it. The top rated hair salons Rockville can definitely give your hair the break it needs until it’s back to its natural form and glamour.

Hair Extensions Salon: Factors To Consider When Buying Hair Extensions

If you don’t like the current look of your hair, or you simply want to give your hair another look, you should consider going for hair extensions.  You can buy the extensions from your local hair extensions salon or any other place. When purchasing the pieces, you need to consider a number of factors for you to buy the right ones. Some of the factors that you need to consider include:

Type of attachment

The extensions come with a wide range of attachments for you to choose from. The most common ones are:

Clip-in: They are the most popular extensions in the market and loved by many. They are loved by many people as they are easy to attach and remove without damaging your hair. Although, many people buy them for special occasions, you can buy them for everyday wear.

Cold fusion: Here, your hair is inserted through a small ring and then attached using pliers. The extensions come with different tips such as nanorings, regular tips, flat tips, and many others. It’s up to you to choose the ones that are ideal for you.

Instant flip-ins: These extensions feature a single weft that is placed at the top of your head. The weft raises your hair, masking the wire, which gives you a new look within just a few minutes.

Hair texture

Just as the hairs come in different attachments, they come in different textures. When buying the hair extensions, you should choose a texture that matches your hair. If you have straight hair, you should go with straight hair extensions. If you have wavy hair, you should go with straight hair, but you should ask your stylist to curl it so that it matches the hair. This calls for you to use hair that you can easily curl.

Length of the hair

The hair stylist attaches the hair to the center of your hair. For you to buy the right length, you need to measure the length of your hair from the center and then a few inches that you want for this number. For example, if your hair is 10 inches and you want to add 5 inches to it, you should buy extensions that are 15 inches in length.

Hair color

This is very important as buying the wrong color will result in a weird look. It’s wise that you buy a color of extensions that match your natural hair color. If you aren’t sure of the right color to choose, ask the stylists working in the hair salons to guide you.